Meet the face behind the business - Gabi!

Meet the face behind the business - Gabi!

Hey you!

I'm Gabriele, but you can call me Gabi :)

I started Press My Nails back in 2020 shortly after moving to London. As we all know it was in the middle of a global pandemic and we basically couldn't leave our home, which quickly got very boring and lonely.

I always loved nails and painting them in bright colours so when all the salons got closed I started doing them myself and seemed to enjoy it way more than I thought!

This is where the idea for Press My Nails was living in my head rent free and I knew that I have to make it reality.

I did loads of research, practised my nail art, set up all the social media accounts, came up with cute packaging, built my own website, and realised that I became a part of an amazing, supportive and loving community!

After the lockdowns ended everything went back to "normal" for most of us so I naturally started spending less and less time on nails and more on my studies and "real life" work. After a while I started missing it more and more and I decided to get back at it and come back even stronger.

What seemed to be just a hobby has turned into a small business that is not going to give up that easily this time!

Press My Nails is back with collabs you didn't see coming, events you never knew you needed, and the most dreamy pink vibes you could ever imagine!

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