What's so special about press on nails?

What's so special about press on nails?

Have you ever wished you could simply change up your nails every day?

Matching different outfits, doing fun photoshoots, and creating amazing content has never been easier with press ons!

Imagine it like your online nail artist :) (that is always up for a chat too)

Have a party with a special dress code? Wear your nails for a night-out and  remove them safely before Monday!

And the best part is - you can reuse them up to 10 times and grow your collection to mix and match in the future!

No hassle of booking an appointment at a nail salon and sitting for hours with cramping wrists - your instant acrylics will be delivered straight to your door!

There's different ways you can wear them too: for 1-2 weeks by applying nail glue or just a few hours/days by using sticky tabs!

If you can't decide and are up for a surprise we would recommend getting a mystery set or customising your very own design!

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