How to apply?

Every order comes with an instruction sheet on how to apply your press ons correctly, please follow it to make them last as long as possible!
  • Find the nail size to fit each nail (file down if needed) and lay them in order
  • Using the wooden stick provided, gently push the cuticles back
  • Using the mini buffer provided, buff the nail surface to remove shine
  • Wipe down your natural nails with the alcohol wipe provided to dehydrate them
  • Apply a thin layer of glue to the nail and apply firmly for at least 15sec trying not to touch the skin (or put on the sticky tabs) and stick on your fake nails

TIP: Try to avoid touching water for the first 2 hours after application if you used nail glue.

How long do they last?

If applied correctly your nails can last up to 2 weeks depending on your lifestyle and application.

Nail glue - up to 2 weeks

Sticky tabs - up to 3 days (perfect for a night out, easy to remove and reuse)

How to remove

Soak your nails in warm soapy water for around 20-30 minutes or longer if required

TIP: You can add a few drops of your cuticle oil (or coconut oil, dish soap etc) on your nails and water to make it faster

DO NOT use acetone otherwise the design will be destroyed.

File the leftover glue from your natural nail and the false nail so you could reuse the nails

Reusing the nails

You can reuse your nails up to 10+ times depending on your application!

The easiest way to reuse your press ons is to use the adhesive tabs as these will leave no residue build up on them.

If you use nail glue you can use an e-file or regular file to gently file off the glue residue after each application for maximum usage. If you remember to only use a small bit of glue this will help keep the build-up to a minimum.

Please take extra care of your nails - they are jewels, not tools. Always remove them as delicately as possible to keep your natural nails safe and store your press ons in their packaging so you wouldn't loose them.

TIP: It's always a good idea to carry nail glue in your bag in case of a nail emergency!

Processing time

The processing time of your nails is 7-14 working days.

Once shipped via Royal Mail, please allow up to 10 days for your order to arrive in the UK, and up to 20 days internationally.

This is due to the fact that each nail set is handmade one order at a time by one girl only and there might be some shipping delays.

Please contact us at pressmynailsshop@gmail.com or dm @press.my.nails on instagram to know your estimated arrival date before purchasing.