If you're new to press ons, finding your perfect fit is the best way to get started!

Due to the fact that every nail is hand crafted with love and care to your requirements, there is a strict no-returns policy on nails that do not fitThis is why it's so important to ensure time is taken to find your perfect nail size.

Sizing kit

We strongly recommend getting the sizing kit before purchasing any nail sets. Simply add a Sizing Kit to your cart, size up your nails at home and make a note of your measurements on the card guide. Then write down the numbers of tips from thumb to pinky in the "checkout notes".

Preset sizes


We would recommend choosing this size if you wear an XS ring size or have very petite hands.


95% of customers choose a size medium as this is an accumulation of the most common sizes.


We would recommend the Large size for those who wear an XL ring size, have large hands or can visibly see that they have really wide nail beds.


preset sizing guide

Measuring your nails

If you measure the nails yourself or use a sizing kit please select the "custom" size option when ordering and make sure to write down each measurement  (or the number of the tip if using a sizing kit) in the checkout notes.

Please write down your measurements from thumb to pinky.

Using soft measuring tape:

Take a soft measuring tape and measure the width of your nail beds starting from the very edge of your nail until the other edge. Make sure to measure in mm to ensure you can be as accurate as possible. 
Once you have measured your nails, make sure to write down each measurement in the checkout notes.

Using sticky tape:

Take a piece of tape and stick it over your nail. Take a marker and mark a thin line or dot on the very edge (widest part) of your nail on both sides making sure to get right into the sidewalls.

Take your piece of tape and compare to a ruler making sure to be as accurate as possible. Measure in mm and put them in the checkout notes.

Make sure to keep the measurements safe for all your future purchases!